Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Project 31: Her Children Arise

"Her children arise and call her blessed...." Proverbs 31:28

I hope and pray that this verse is true for me when I have children. For some reason I want a lot of boys and one girl; maybe that's because I never had a brother and would have liked to have one. So I want to give my little girl brothers. I don't know the reason, but like I said, I do want at least one daughter. So for this post, I decided to write a letter to her. 

My daughter, 
     This world is an ugly place, but you are such a beautiful blessing. Be a light to this world and to everyone you come in contact with. This world is hard to live in today; I can only imagine what it will be like when you are reading this letter if things don't change soon. But don't let yourself get discouraged. Remember to be strong and courageous {Deuteronomy 31:6}. We are here for a purpose: to spread God's Good News! Figure out your unique way of doing that and never look back. It will be hard, rough, and sometimes you will want to give up. Christ never promised us an easy life. He promised persecution {John 15:20}, but He also promised us life with Him in eternity if we believe in Him {John 6:47}. Believe in Him! Trust Him! He loves you more than you could ever imagine! 
     As do I! I hope and pray you grow up to be a strong Christian woman who has a passion for the Lord. And I hope and pray that I can be the mother you need to lead you in that direction. Because I love you so much, and because I am a mother, I must include this list {I am sure by now you realize I am obsessed with lists! : ) }
- Grow up to be yourself; not who I, your father, or anyone else wants you to be.
- Read your Bible and hide it in your heart {Psalm 119:11}.
- Do you best; not just enough to get by.
- Stay on the narrow road {Matthew 7:14}.
- Keep in step with the Spirit {Galatians 5:25}.
- Guard your heart {Proverbs 4:23}.

I love you,

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