Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Project 31: "Her husband ..."

Sorry I'm late with this post! But here it is!

"Her husband has full confidence in her...
Proverbs 31:11

My husband is a unique man.
He's funny.
He's honest.
He's exciting.
He's handsome.
He's hard working.
He's playful.
He's patient.

But most of all he's completely in love with me, and he lets me know it. He lets me know that he couldn't imagine himself with anyone else. And he lets me know that he believes in me.

I have so many ideas about what to do with my time, money, and life, and every time he gives me his honest opinion. He'll tell me what he thinks it will take to pursue my idea or project. He tells me if he thinks it is a good idea or not. And then he tells me, "If you really want to do it, go after it. I am right there with you. I'll support you."

He is very supportive and encouraging. He makes me believe I can do any project I come up with or pursue any idea. But he'll also be honest with me. He'll tell me it may 'take some time', or 'cost some money', or 'be hard work', but 'I think you can do it.'

Those six words - "I think you can do it" - make all the difference in the world. I could climb a mountain when those words are said by my husband. And I have.

So thank you, my husband, for being such a wonderful encourager.

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