Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First Book from Booksneeze

I got my first book in from Booksneeze!
I review for BookSneeze®

It's called God's Love Letters to You: A 40-Day Devotional Experience by Dr. Larry Crabb. Here's the back cover of the book:

What if you had a letter from the Lord of the Universe, written specifically to you with unique insight into who He is and what He has planned for you? What if you could enter into a real conversation with the God of the Bible? 


The greatest love letters of all time did not come from the pen of a playwright or the mouth of a poet. They weren't formed on warped sheets of music or with t he quills of romantics. These letters come from the Word of the Almighty God.

Based on 66 Love Letters - Dr. Larry Crabb's intimate conversation with God - this devotional experience offers the chance to completely change the way you think about love.

Give yourself forty days to fall head-over-heels in love with the Savior who calls you by name and welcomes you into a sweeping, incredible relationship with Him. Discover the language and story of true love as it was originally intended - personal letters from God to you.

Dr. Larry Crabb is a well-known psychologist, seminar speaker, Bible teacher, author, and founder/director of New Way Ministries. He is also Scholar in Residence at Colorado Christian University, is visiting professor at Richmont University, and serves as Spiritual Director of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

After reading the book, I'll be posting a review so remember to look for that! Have a good day!

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