Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We have a bed!

Well, we've always had a bed, but never a bed frame with headboard and footboard. But we do now!! And I love it!
However, our bed is a full size bed, and the frame is made for a queen size bed. So.... we have a little bit of extra space. But we found something to fill it! 

We also got another washer and dryer. Our washer quit measuring the water level. It would always fill up to the top. And the dryer would never stop running. We always had to open the door to make it stop running. 

AND, one more thing... : )  Our sunflowers by the house are beginning to bloom! And the are getting so tall!

We are suppose to have some red and orange sunflowers too, but none of those have bloomed yet. Hopefully they will soon!!  Have a good day!

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