Thursday, June 30, 2011

A long night, but a beautiful morning

I had a long night of shelling peas and shucking corn last night! And tonight I'll be conquering tomatoes! But in between the shelling and the shucking, I did have a little time to play around with my sbcStudio software by Creative Memories. Check out my new desktop background!

I also had a nice surprise this morning when I walked into the kitchen. Ragan wasn't able to help me last night because he had his own project to work on. He and a few friends have been working on a deck they'll be taking to their boat house real soon. Because of that, he's been getting home very late. I think the clock almost said 1 am last night when he finally crawled into bed. But here's what I found when I walked into my kitchen this morning.

A beautiful sunflower! He can be so sweet sometimes! : )

Have a good day!

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