Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's at the River!

Ragan and I celebrated our new year's at the river. He went hunting and I slept in late. : ) Here are a few pictures I was able to get.
This is Ragan's squirrel dog.

 This is the view from the boat house.

And here I tried to do a panoramic photo. It still needs a little work.... It rained on and off the whole time we were there.

Ragan and our friends have seen two bald eagles every once in a while when they go up there hunting, but I haven't ever seen them. But this time, they came around while I was there!

They were so far up in the sky, even with my longest telephoto lens, I couldn't zoom in very close to them.

And here is Ragan and Josh's final count for New Year's Eve day. New Year's day wasn't very successful, and I went home that night. Jan. 2 was a good day for them as well, but I wasn't there to see it. I had to come home to my own bed and a hot shower! : )

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