Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My husband....

had a nice surprise for me the other evening. I came home from work, and as soon as I walked in the house, he made me close my eyes. He guided me over to the couch, and when I opened my eyes, there was a big spider-man gift bag on the couch! I always did like spider-man.... : )  Inside was a sweet card, a flat skillet, and sunflower seeds!
Sorry, no picture of the skillet. I used it this morning....

So, I was thinking of how to arrange the flowers in the yard. Any suggestions? Should I group them all together? Or spread them out? Should they be in the middle of the yard or along the house? I would rather have them in the front yard so people could see them as they drive by; although Ragan said they would probably do better in the back yard because they would get the most sunlight back there. He got so many of them, I can probably put some in the front and in the back. One idea I had was to line the driveway with sunflowers! Wouldn't that be so neat to leave your house in the morning for work, and drive down your driveway through sunflowers! I think so. : )

But don't worry; I'll definitely be taking a lot of pictures of them when they start growing, so you'll see what we decide to do with them!
Have a good day!

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