Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My new craft desk!

I have a new craft desk! Well, the desk isn't really new. So I guess you could say I have a new craft space! : ) All my craft stuff was in one of our extra bedrooms, but I didn't like being back there all by myself... So I moved most of it into the living room into this desk! So now I can visit with everyone else while working on projects instead of being by myself.

I also have stamps, cuttlebug folders, tools for the cinch, and extra markers and other tools in the drawers. I had to leave the paper in the back room. So I'll just have to bring a little at a time for whatever project I'm working on at the time.

Happy crafting!!


  1. Is that a Silhouette on the tray table? I am investigating buying one and would love to see one in use to know if I am computer savvy enough to use it!

  2. Hi, Ann! The machine on the tray table is actually a Cricut Expression. And it's amazing!! : ) I love my cricut! I've only had it about a year; I'm still learning, but it's so much fun to play with! It's made by ProvoCraft. If you are in the crafting world, I'm sure you have heard of it, but if not, go to www.cricut.com. They have so many wonderful products!


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