Monday, February 20, 2012

Coupons/Price Matching/Sales

So we had our Coupon Event at church this past Saturday! It was very informative! Here are a few tips I wanted to pass on to you:

- know your stores' coupon policies! You might even want to keep them with your coupons so you'll always have them if you need them.

- try your hardest to only buy items that are on sale and use a manufacture & store coupon

- Wal-Mart matches prices, so take the sales ad of other stores with you to Wal-Mart

- always Google "coupon code" before buying anything online; there's usually one out there you don't know about

- join your local drugstore's loyalty program (Rite Aid Ups Rewards, Walgreens Register Rewards, etc.) and use it to your advantage

example: buy products that will give you Ups Rewards at Rite Aid; then on your next shopping trip, use those rewards on products that will give you more Ups Rewards. That way you'll always have rolling Ups Rewards. Make sense?

- when you have coupons that give you a discount off of certain total amount ($5.00 off $25), use that coupon first, then your store and manufacture coupons

- for those of you who have those fancy phones, definitely check out apps for coupons (Fork Fly, Groupon, The Coupons, Grocery Pal)

- if you shop at Rite Aid, check out the Video Values (watch a short video, then receive a coupon)

- carefully inspect all your grocery boxes, bags, etc.; sometimes coupons can be found inside the boxes

- check out these sites to know what sales to expect in the coming weeks:

- if you have a CVS nearby, definitely check into their loyalty program; I've heard it's the best

Other sites to check out:
Coupon Queen
Coupon Chick
Money Saving Mom - definitely check out her Stock Up Price List under the downloadable forms
Deal Seeking Mom
For the Mommas
Totally Target
Frugal Girl
Krazy Coupon Lady

Then for those of us who sometimes forget our coupons at home or in the car and let them expire, check out this website:
You can send your expired coupons to overseas military bases.

Well, that's all I have for now! I hope this helps you get started saving or helps you save a little bit more!

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