Friday, January 20, 2012

Church Craft Night

Last night our church had a craft night for the women. We made magnet boards and a scrapbook page. I was in charge of showing them how to create the scrapbook page. Here's what we did!

Magnet Board

For the magnet board, we used small cookie sheets. Some women painted theirs, but I just left mine how it was. We used mod podge to adhere the scrapbook paper to the cookie sheet. Then we drilled holes in the top to put ribbon through to hang it. There wasn't any ribbon that really worked with my colors so I will have to find some. We also had magnets to put on our board. 

Scrapbook Page

For the scrapbook page, I used the Cheerful paper. I cut out a bunch of different owls from the Hoot-n-Holler Cricut cartridge for everyone to choose from. They got to pick out their owl, two photo mats, a journaling spot, and stickers. 


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