Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Honeymoon time!

The wedding and honeymoon are over and it's back to reality and a very messy house! But before we get to the house, I'll share with you a bit about the honeymoon. The night of the wedding we came back to our house to spend the night before heading to Eureka Springs. Since we left in a boat the night of the wedding, no one was able to decorate our trucks that night. However, when we got up the next morning we had a nice surprise... : )

So with all the writing on my truck, we are off to Eureka Springs! We stayed in a cabin on Beaver Lake. It was beautiful. The weather was nice. The tourist season must have already ended because there weren't that many people around and a lot of the shops were closed.

From our cabin we could see the lake, a deer every once in a while, and we had our own little pet: the squirrel.

Shhh..... he's hiding.... : )

While we were there we visited Quigley's Castle. The woman who owned this home collected rocks her entire life. When her husband built this house, she had everything rocked. The sides of the house, the benches in the yard, the mailbox, and the bird bath; everything was rocked.

The inside of her house was just as odd. She had plants growing from the ground, not from a pot, inside her house. She had a butterfly wall and tons of seashells.

Here is one thing I thought was beautiful from inside her house that wasn't made of rocks.

More rock formations, bottle trees, and one very strange sign...

Next we went to see over 100 big cats! It's called Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. They supposedly have over 100 big cats and a few other animals like bears and monkeys. Maybe we came at the wrong time or didn't look in the right place, but I don't think we saw over 100 big cats. And the ones we did see looked a little fat and lazy...

We spent one day just walking around downtown, visiting a few shops, and relaxing on the lake where we stayed. While driving around town, we did go see the statue of Christ. The statue is where the Passion Play takes place.

And here are just a few random pictures from the trip... : )

So handsome....

I'll be posting photos of our house soon. It's just about put together, I think... : )

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